ideas and suggestions for custom magnets:

  • Wedding Favors/Pre-Invitations such as "Save The Date" cards
  • Business card with photograph
    • Personal photograph
    • Building/Business Location
    • Logo or drawing
  • Calendar with Logo, photograph, product picture
    • monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendars
  • Team Logos with schedule of games for season
  • Trainings, Seminars, Conventions for your business
  • Photograph of that special person
    • grandchildren, lover, spouse, best friend, pet
    • old family photos
    • wedding pics with thank you notes
    • engagement photo with wedding invites
    • Holiday photo for the family and friends
    • Favorite Travel photos taken on vacations (sunsets, sunrises, etc)
    • photo of new baby in the birth announcement
  • Crafter's schedule of upcoming shows for their regular customers
  • New business openings
  • Write on Whiteboards with emergency numbers pre-printed for baby sitters

and the list goes on.....send us your ideas, share with the world. we will update this list as we complete new projects that aren't listed on this site, so check back often and see what else you can do !!!! with magnets.... :+]

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