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Everything Magnets
is a website and business managed and maintained by the MagnetWizzard, who is in love with photography and is sharing her visions with the masses. Making them into magnets is just one of many ways in which our fearless leader is spreading her artistry throughout the world. Keep up with her ramblings at her blog: Magnets-Beads-Photography-Life.

    And everyone loves magnets!!!! We put them on our refrigerators, filing cabinets, desk drawers, and sides of our cars. Magnets come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors. No one has enough, there is always room for one more magnet. We collect magnets that honor the 50 states and where we have traveled to. What about that great beach resort you spent last years winter vacation at? Remember the seashells with magnets on their backs? We buy magnets of our favorite sports team, the Pizza Delivery joint, even our Dentist and Doctor's offices have their business cards imprinted onto magnetic surfaces just so we don't lose the valuable information.

    We are constantly updating our collection of magnets, so bookmark us [Control Key & letter D], and check back often. We also offer Custom Orders where we take your own photographs or drawings and create them onto a magnet surface, to your specifications. We are always looking for new and unique ways to service you, our customers. Send us email with your suggestions, complaints, or just "hi there neighbor". We're always open here on the World Wide Web.

Magnet Wizzard   :+]

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